Feel the taste of the shibari's constrictions and exposures, of the body and mind. 

Stress-testing are we, Mistress?
How many of your tropes in rope
Can be endured before the poet chokes?

Ply me hemp silk jute and tie me
Ichinawa, takate kote,
Futomomo, hishi karada,
Tasuki, kannuki,
Hashira, daruma shibari.
All of it. Semenawa for the burn.

Count the stars that spy on sly
Lovers when the night is ball-gagged-

That's how many of your tight knots and rope marks
Will deliver me beyond madness -
More than a voyeur's torch could spot
Or a jealous sensei take to pieces.

Cattalus: Shibari Carmina
Isobel Williams

Coils to lines on skin
Coining words for torso
Torment torque torsion
Flipped the Master Switch
Who'll be Torquemada?
Purple and white hide
Jute-burned scored
Red at the denouement

Now alone in the night
Too full of you to eat
No sleep to smother fires
Squirming churning the covers
Spreadeagled aching for daylight
Muscles sore nerve
Numb from the tourniquet
I will open out the book of you
Make you soar with eagle over the edge

So be meek my love and take the hurt
Which Nemesis spears through me.
She's ruthless. Don't talk back.

Cattalus: Shibari Carmina
Isobel Williams