Private tuition


All my lessons will be adapted to your requirements!I have been Esinem’s full-time apprentice since February 2012 and have been assisting with his classes and more recently, we collaborate and run together the shibari on-line courses.
I have performed both at The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage and internationally, run the BOUND shibari nights and attended courses by Kazami Ranki, Yukimura Haruki and Kinoko Hajime.
Being only about 6.5st (42kg approx), I am very skilled in overcoming the challenges presented when tying those heavier or more imposing than myself.

Private tuition is available from  £40 per hour,
per couple, at Esinem’s south London studio.
Please use the contact form, for enquiry.

If you can’t reach me for a private class, learn with me on-line!

Shibari Classes is a revolutionary new way to master Japanese rope bondage (aka kinbaku or shibari) using the latest e-learning techniques with the help of Esinem and Nina Russ. Our first course is an enhanced and updated version of the much acclaimed DVD tutorials, ‘Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels’, but we are also creating a growing range of low-cost standalone tutorials on specific ties or skills. Enrolment costs nothing and some tutorials are free. Take a look!


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