the art of evoking and tying emotions on skin

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Tying Nina Russ, model Sophie, video ESINEM.

London, UK.

Discover Japanese rope bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku) through the eyes of Nina Russ. This perspective sees it as an art which creates deep connection between the participants and also aids personal development.

Due to its martial arts roots, it brings self-discipline, efficiency, effectiveness and thus, confidence and awareness. These skills allow a greater focus on the most important aspects: you, your partner and your shared experience. Rope is simply a means of communication. You will discover through her teaching the language of rope, which speaks directly to the mind and body.


Nina Russ is a gardener of her-self, performer, rope artist and educator. The art of tying emotions on skin, is what she is teaching and continuously learning. London based artist but, with an on-line dojo. Her passion for rope has lead to obsessively collecting all sorts of bondage photographs, especially those by her idol, Suguira Norio; his photography features Japan’s most respected artists perfectly capturing her vision of kinbaku. Videos of Masato’s tutorials, Yukimura’s sessions and Osada Steve’s stage shows have been a major influence. Of course, her experience as a model has been extremely useful in building an appreciation of exactly how rope should feel and many hours of practice are shaping this into practical application with the help of Esinem. he is available for classes, projects and cooperations with photographers, videographers, bondage and BDSM events, performances.

Tying Nina Russ, model Gorgone, video Ciprian Strugariu. Bucharest, Romania.