It was created to stimulate and inspire shibari (Japanese rope bondage) enthusiasts and increase awareness to the general public.

We wanted to provide an environment where skills could be exchanged and to provide a platform for new talent to cut their teeth in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. The Flying Dutchman provides the perfect venue.

A further objective is to provide a shibari orientated social event with rope shows as entertainment. As afar as I know, this is a first in the UK.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, we have no dress code. After all, you don't have to be into fetish wear to love rope or just be curious. Of course, we positively encourage your fetish finery.

Visit Shibari Classes and Esinem  to keep up date with our work.


The Flying Dutchman is an historic London pub, whose interior has been completely restyled with fabulous decor featuring:dance floor and stage, large projection screen heated smoking area and DJ decks.

The Mission is to promote difference, diversity and the arts. They are an LGBT venue and an active member of the LGBT community. They strive to provide a tollerant venue where issues of gender and identity can be respectfully explored. They collaborate with the Mori and Stein gallery to promote contemporary and alternative art and provide local artists and students with free exhibition space. For more info on free exhibition space click here.

The event it's no longer running.