Here, are presented a series of shibari pictures

rope-work by Nina Russ

Nina Russ is a shibari performer, rope artist, educator and gardener. She is practising the art of tying emotions on skin, shibari aka kinbaku aka Japanese rope bondage. Nina Russ is part of a team and are running together BOUND shibari night in London.
ESINEM (Nina's teacher) and Nina, are also running the successful e-learning website, called shibari classes, were people have the chance of learning how to tie emotions on skin. You can also find on Nina' YouTube channel a number of her shibari performances. Nina and Esinem run a shop on-line, from where you can buy all sorts of shibari supplies. In the top right header buttons, you'll find a video of Primal Scream, with who Nina has collaborated. The second button presents an article from The Independent, where Nina and Bruce have been interviewed.